Sunday, March 18, 2012

Joy Tribout, Featured designer

Happy Monday!! I hope everyone had a great weekend and a wonderful spring break.  Today I wanted to feature Joy Tribout.  She is a wonderful interior designer whose belief is that one's home environment should elevate living on a daily basis, she creates beautiful interiors that support and enhance family life. Enjoy and I hope you have a great day!! 

I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse of her work, to see more you can visit here.  

                                              Happy Monday!!



  1. Funny......I have her work on my current post too. I only discovered her a few months ago, but she is really talented. Love her style.

  2. I wasn't familiar with Joy's work, and now I'm in love! Thanks for sharing, Shauna!

  3. Wow, thanks for sharing! That first room is somethin'! The black doors and windows are fantastic! I am also loving the chandeliers, everyone of them!

  4. I absolutely adore every, single image...chic and sophisticated. Thrilled to be your newest follower!!