Friday, March 9, 2012

31 Rue Cambon

        Thank goodness it is Friday.  This week has been absolutely crazy!! I am ready for the weekend and Spring break!!  I thought I would dedicate my Fridays to things that I am loving, craving and just over all, "dieing" for.  One of my all time favorites is anything Chanel.   There is something about that double C that gets my heart racing.  Today I thought I would post  images of Coco Chanels apartment that is located at 31 Rue Cambon.  I hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!


  Coco Chanel believed in the healing power of crystal.  She had this Chandelier custom made.

She designed this couch herself and used suede which was very cutting edge.  People mostly used velvet or silk.

Coco had a mix of eclecticism that included French classic furniture, antiquities and Italian influences. 

All of Coco's books have beautiful deep red tones.  Just like the inside lining of the bags.

The tops of these tables originally had marble but Gabrielle Chanel wanted to take off the marble and leave them the black lacquer. 

The birdcage was the inspiration for the Vanessa Paradis' "Coco" perfume campaign. 

Wheat symbolizes prosperity and can be seen throughout Coco's apartment.

The salon which hosted many of her famous friends such as Elizabeth Taylor. 

The camellia flower was also very important to Coco Chanel.  It symbolizes purity and longevity in Asia and was very prevalent in her designs.

During the fashion shows, which took place down stairs, Gabrielle Chanel would sit on the staircase.  Thanks to the mirrors she could see everything taking place, but no one could see her.  She wanted to know the immediate reaction, if the journalists and clients were pleased with the collection.

I hope you enjoyed these images.  I would love to hear your comments!! 

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Is Coco Chanel the queen of perfection and chic?! Love these images.
    Have a happy weekend.

  2. Coco Chanel changed for ever the world of fashion.She invented a totally new way of style which is both chic and simple. Love this post. I am following you back. Have a great weekend and spring break. Kisses from Hungary

  3. Coco is my all time fav - everything about her, her business, her line of all things - wonderful... simply perfect! Thanks for sharing and have a fantastic weekend! – Jalon

  4. What a great post - I love that wheat gilded table. Shauna, thanks for your nice comment about my blog encouraging you to start your own - so glad to hear it! Keep up the great work...I love what I see here so far! ...Barbara