Thursday, March 15, 2012

Closet Update!

I hope everyone is having a great Spring break.  It has been busy over here, lots of things happening!! I thought I would post a quick update on my closet.  Carpet went in and they have finished painting.  I am now waiting on the antique mirror to come in for the top of the island, chest and the wall above the chest.   I will be able to hang my sconces once this is installed.  
 Hope you enjoy, let me know what you think!! 

This is the base color for the glaze that goes on top.  The paint is not this dark,  I am using my iphone and not getting very good photos. 

More painting

Starting to hang clothes... Yea!!

Notice the lovely blue duck tape hardware!! (Note to self.... go pick out hardware!! ) 

Love pretty bowls for displaying jewelry.   The silver jewelry box is an antique piece I bought at the Plaza in New York.  When they remodeled The Plaza, they offered several estate pieces for sale, it   has The Plaza logo on top.  

I do love Chanel and LV! 

One side almost complete! 

More of that lovely blue hardware! 

The top of the island will be antique mirror 

Well, what do you think?? Still a work in progress but just happy to have some of my clothes back where I can get to them!  I hope you have  a great day. 


  1. Looks amazing!!!!!!! How tall are the ceilings? Do you have a ladder for the upper racks? I see like me you have a lot! I cannot wait to see the ant. mirror go on on top of the island....I have been wavering myself between marble and ant. mirror. Please post pics when its in..know its going to look beautiful. Gorgeous job here!! And you know how I feel about all that silver......can never have enough:)

  2. Love the carpet and the silver! Ready to get a chandelier for my closet! As always... you inspire me!

  3. OH MY are the luckiest girl on the planet! What a GORGEOUS closet!!!! xoxoo Elizabeth

  4. I am also very jealous of your new closet - I look forward to seeing the end result. Tina and I have talked about the antiqued mirroring for a dressing room island so I can't wait to see yours! Love the carpet in there too btw...and how cool on that Plaza find!

  5. Wow, stunning! The chandelier is beautiful. Great job! Can't wait to see finished pictures.